The Lensbaby Sol45 lens is a 45mm fixed focal length f/3.5, manual. It is tiltable and one has the possibility to create special bokeh effects, thanks to two blades in front of the lens that can be moved and rotated if necessary. The effect it creates is very special, a spot of focus surrounded by a smooth bokeh whereby the subject is separated from the background.

It is a very versatile lens, you can use it for any kind of photography, also thanks to its compactness and lightness.

With this particular lens I started to love landscape photography: I enjoy it and the results are special. Thanks to its focal point surrounded by bokeh, which changes depending on how you tilt the lens, the eye of the viewer is 'accompanied' to discover the shot. Stories can be told (see the Bodie section). I also used this lens at a party with lots of people, indoors and in low light. I really liked the results. I also use the Sol45 for my flower projects, although the bokeh is less soft than the Velvet85. For the On Fire project (see Projects section) I also used this lens. I really like to use it with the ICM technique (intentional camera movement) because by tilting it you can focus on a part you are interested in and with the ICM blur you will have a unique result - a common ICM blur where the image has been focused and a blurred ICM blur with the aberration typical of the Sol45.