Published 10/03/2024
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Published 24/11/2023

From Monday 27 November to Saturday 2 December 2023 my cards are on display at the Tenero post office.

For the occasion, throughout the week, you have a 20% discount on your purchases, with no minimum purchase!


Published 10/10/2023
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MAY 2023

Published 29/04/2023
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The time has finally come for NEW! In May I will be participating in two markets: on Sunday 7 I will be present with a stall at the Festa di Primavera in Minusio and on Thursday 18 at the Mercatino dell'artigianato in Avegno. I can't wait!

For the occasion I have created new floral cards, but also Gelly Print cards, Carnet ... and a few novelties, so ... come and see me!

I have also decided to give you a gift: for the whole month of MAY, my cards will be 20% off!!!

For purchases from the online shop, enter the code MERCATINI when you are in the shopping cart.

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Collective Exhibition Clinica Varini Orselina

Published 07/01/2023

I am happy to participate in the Collective Exhibition at the Varini Clinic in Orselina

INAUGURATION Friday 20 January 2023, 6.30 p.m.

The exhibition can be visited from 20 January to 31 November 2023

My photographs on display are for sale, fine art prints 50x50 cm and 70x50 cm,

on 270 satin paper and glued on dibond

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Published 09/12/2022

You can now also order FloralFineArt double cards! You can now choose between card, double cards or fine art printed double cards.

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Honorable Mention

Published 19/12/2021

chromatic awards

International Color Photography Contest

Honorable Mention: Abstract
Utopiae di Ghiaccio - Blue

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Nature First

Published 28/08/2021
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During the summer months I didn't spend much time on photography, but I did read a number of interesting articles and came across this alliance of photographers - both professional and amateur - while surfing the web. I immediately felt aligned with their thinking: perhaps it contributed to the fact that I was born and raised in a place full of natural wonders and respect for our environment has always been part of my education. I think it's sad that we have to make an alliance to promote principles that should be inherent in all of us, but if we look around us, our conscience does indeed need to be 'awakened'. I am also convinced that each of us, in our own small way, can make a contribution. After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to become a member of Nature First, to promote respectful thinking about our wonderful natural heritage.

I invite you to visit the webpage  and - why not? - sign up too .


  • Prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.
  • Educate yourself about the places you photograph.
  • Reflect on the possible impact of your actions.
  • Use discretion if sharing locations.
  • Know and follow rules and regulations
  • Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.
  • ActivelyAct promote and educate others about· these principles

Virtual Gallery FloralFineArt

Published 22/06/2021

Virtual Gallery


From 1 June to 30 August you can view the virtual exhibitions created by Katia Mandelli Ghidini, of the 9m2 Gallery in Pregassona. I am happy to be able to participate with my floral project.

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Mercatino dell'artigianato, Cevio

Published 13/05/2021



13 MAY 2021

Many thanks to everyone who came to visit me in Vallemaggia :) and thanks to Katia Mandelli Ghidini for sharing this beautiful day with me!
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Honorable Mention

Published 19/12/2020

Chromatic awards

International Color Photography Contest

What a nice surprise at the end of such a special year!

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We Are One

Published 01/12/2020

I am delighted to participate with two images from my project FloralFineArt
in the group exhibition We Are One,
at the 9m2 Gallery in Lugano-Pregassona.
From November 30, 2020 until January 2021.

You can consult and download the catalogue of the exhibition at the website

Vernissage live on Facebook:

The exhibition is also virtual!

And here is the link to my interview :)

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Thanks  to all those who voted for me!

Write about me

Published 17/11/2020

During the month of October 2020 I should have exhibited my photos of the FloralFineArt project at the 9m2 Gallery in Lugano. Given the difficult moment, it was decided to postpone everything. However, Walter Ghidini has already given me the presentation he prepared. I was really moved! Thank you very much, Walter.

Patrizia Belotti: Photography in her heart

She has always been passionate about photography, also because it has always occupied an important place in her life in various ways. From her grandfather, who loved to take photographs for pleasure and who often told her about her grandmother's uncle who was a professional photographer, to her father, who photographed and filmed the most beautiful moments  spent together, everyone in the family loved to take pictures and so Patrizia grew up surrounded by photographs and photo albums. At the age of eight she received her first camera and since then she has explored this art more and more, learning to tell the story of the world around her and to build what would become her very personal style over time. However, there was a moment in Patrizia's life that meant a clean break with the past, a moment that brought her to a different life with a new aura. However, she has never forgotten the beautiful sensations that photography used to give her and when she gets her hands on the medium again, she starts to play with it again. The arrival of digital photography finally gave a decisive boost to her creativity, which was now able to express itself through new and more appealing languages, opening up doors to spaces yet to be explored. Patrizia sees the moment of post-production in photography as something that naturally and obviously follows the shot, a natural expressive complement that, without hesitation, enriches and enhances the initial image. Emotion becomes photography, which becomes the language of emotions and so on in a virtuous vortex of expressiveness and positivity. Her favourite lights are the Nordic ones, clean and delicate, with long and silent landscapes. Her is a wide-ranging and sensitive gaze, using a delicate and elegant narrative style. Her photographs are exquisite visions of colour and form, created by the passion and poetry that Patrizia sublimates in her research. Patrizia believes it is essential to be able to retain her freedom to explore what she really likes and to make good images she feels she must be inspired and the only way to be inspired is to follow her own very personal path, in complete and absolute freedom.

Curated by Walter Ghidini, photographer @ Makro photographers

Artbox Project Zurigo 20-24 agosto 2020

Published 19/07/2020
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Two images from my Floral Fine Art project will be part of the Artbox Project in Zurich from 20 to 24 August 2020 :)

Collective Art exhibition at the time of Covid.

Published 10/05/2020

Collective Art exhibition at the time of Covid.

I am participating in this exhibition with my Flowers of Life.

You can view all the works on display at this link:

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Silarte exhibition, Cevio. Vallemaggia 2019

Published 05/05/2020
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What an emotion to see my own photo as a giant picture, especially if the place is linked to many childhood memories. Great idea, Silarte Association! The exhibition of the grotto trail can be visited until autumn.

Third prize, Photo Contest 2016

Published 19/07/2016
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Third prize in the Golene delle Terre di Pedemonte photo competition.