The WabiSabi project was born in the year of Covid 2020 and is part of my photographic project FloralFineArt. With these floral images I would like to express the beauty of imperfection. Fading flowers fascinate me and in fact you can already find such images in FloralFineArt. In this particular year, where negativity has often prevailed around us, it has certainly not been easy to stay positive and see Beauty. However, the world continues to offer us beautiful visions, even if at first glance they are not. During my time in quarantine, I approached Wabi Sabi, which is a Japanese worldview based on acceptance of the impermanence and transience of things. I have read a few books and with this new project I would like to offer my own vision of WabiSabi, through floral photography. Without any presumption towards the masters of this thought: like my photography, this project is very personal and based on my personal emotions. Enjoy your vision.