Welcome to my site!

My name is Patrizia Belotti-Ibba and I live in the beautiful Ticino, Switzerland, with my family.

I love simple things and the nature around me is my inspiration. I take inspiration from other photographers,  art  and everything that life offers me. I prefer natural light and artistic photography. In 2019 I discovered Lensbaby lenses with which I can perfectly express my visions. I also love the imperfections of vintage lenses.

With this site I would like to pay homage to a style of photography that captures nuances, where emotions are more important than perfection. A style with which one has fun, which gives endless artistic possibilities.

You will also find images taken with normal lenses, with subjects or projects dear to me.

I could define my photography as slow, meditative - it is what I like best: going out with my camera and an artistic lens for walks made of slowness, observation and a lot of wonder!

The desire for novelty leads me to create art projects, which you can find in the PROJECTS section.

With my photographs I also create cards and postcards which you can find in the ONLINE SHOP section.

Photography gives me a lot of positivity that I am happy to share with you. Enjoy!

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