Lensbaby Edge80 & Composer Pro II

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Lensbaby Edge80 & Composer Pro II

My latest Lensbaby purchase is a very versatile lens, it too won my heart in a short time. Thanks to the possibility of setting it to macro, I first tried it with my flowers: I wanted to start from my comfort zone, to speed up the practice. Its focusing effects are perfect for my flower photography genre. I had to get used to its variable focus (not just central), a possibility you have with Composer, rotating and tilting. You have many variables and I had fun trying it out and seeing the results. I practically left this lens on the camera during the whole summer, also using it for landscapes and portraits. I love photographing children and after a long time, I had the opportunity again this summer, thanks to friends and family. I chose to use only the Edge80 ... what can I say? The results are ... WOW! The play of the blurs is unique and in my opinion very, very child-friendly with its 'sprint' and at the same time 'sweet' effects.
And the landscapes? I would like to preface this by saying that it is not a genre that is "in my league", I have used this lens during my walks in the mountains, in the woods but not in the plains. I like the results, but I still need to use it to write more.
However, there are photographers I admire who also use this lens for landscapes: browse through their profiles to get an idea.
Also go and read the blogs on the Lensbaby website, where you can find lots of photographic inspiration for all their products.

Want to know more? Contact me without hesitation, I will gladly answer questions and if you live nearby I will personally show you the products I have.

Good light!

PhotoWithLove  - 2022-7-fusiocamarca-edge-80-107-bncolorluce.jpgPhotoWithLove  - 2022-8-fusiobosco-edge80-4-el.jpg
PhotoWithLove  - 2022-6-fiori-edge80-mezzovico-30-el.jpgPhotoWithLove  - 2022-8-fusiobosco-edge80-23-el-neve.jpg
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