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On this August day, I am sitting in my living room to escape the decidedly extreme heat of these days. I have had a very eventful summer, between mini holidays, many moments spent with friends and family, days spent in the mountains, at the river or at the lake. Summer has always regenerated me, I love water and in this season I love to relax in the clear, cool waters of our rivers. The long daylight hours provide more intense days and the temperatures invite me to spend a lot of time in nature. During this summer I have not had much time for my usual moments of solitude, where I love to read, study, photograph, create. In those few hours I have carved out for myself, I have gone for nature walks with my camera ... in lightness. I didn't plan anything, but reviewing my shots, thinking back over my emotions and my choices, I realise that unconsciously I chose the theme of lightness. Summer for me has always been synonymous with lightness. In summer, I feel light. But what does it mean to photograph in lightness or with lightness? Does it make sense? If you know me or have read the other articles on this blog, you know that I mainly photograph what moves me, my feelings. My photography speaks a lot about me ... It is the same with lightness. The lightness that I felt, that I was, I unconsciously translated into my photographic hours. I always opted for just one lens to carry with me (of my beloved Lensbabies), with at most a few Omni Lensbaby filters, which give the shot a certain something. So I was travelling ... light. I also realised that I always opted for lenses with soft and gentle renditions (the Velvet85, the Sweet, the Soft Focus ...). As subjects I could not miss flowers, but also water and some portraits ... which I then post-produced thematically. A process that gave me a lot of peace of mind, which I carried out instinctively. Only now that I look at my work and my approach do I realise this. Photography is increasingly becoming a form of meditation for me and lightness is probably part of my evolutionary process. Carrying only one lens may seem limiting, instead it is enriching. In the beginning I opted for several lenses so that I would have more options when choosing a shot, but then I realised that I was wasting time changing lenses and often in that time the 'vision' was also gone. In addition, my mind was not completely free because I was always thinking about which lens was best to use. Carrying a single one solves this problem and allows me to immerse myself completely and without distraction in the world around me. By doing so, one also learns very well about the single lens and its best performance. From time to time I brought macro filters to screw onto the lens (a very quick operation), which allowed me to get closer to the subject. The choice of where is also important. I always choose places that make me feel good or that I have good memories of or that I want to discover. A 360 degree immersion of pleasantness.

That's it. You can photograph in lightness. Try it yourself! Choose little equipment and photograph with a free mind, ready to discover and internalise the world around you. Calmly and serenely. In the here and now. Without other thoughts. You will see, it is regenerating! And the photographs you take home will remind you of that moment of pure relax.

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Good light!

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